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The Second Coming of Christ

Excerpt from The Defining Moment Television Talk Show interview about Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon with Archbishop George Augustus Stallings Jr., Founder of Imani Temple African-American Catholic.

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Was Jesus Truly Human?

A fully perfected person is one with God. 

Such a human being manifested the invisible God.


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10 Christian Questions

A Unificationists Viewpoint

1. If Adam & Eve had not eaten of the fruit, Would Jesus still have been sent to bring us salvation?

2. Why was Peter so upset, when Jesus told him that He was going to be killed, if Jesus had been teaching that all along?

3. If John the Baptist was not the Elijah (as he said).then who was? Or was Malachi mistaken when he prophesied that Elijah would come first.

4. Why did Jesus preach that the kingdom of heaven was near, then three years later declare that the kingdom was being taken away from them?

5. When ‘Satan entered into Judas’, was Satan carrying out the work of God?

6. If Jesus is God, why did He say “Forgive them Father”?

7. If Christians must forever have their sins forgiven them, was this God’s original intention for mankind?

8. If Adam & Eve were to be the…

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A central tenet of Reverend Moon’s work is that peace and human betterment will be most effectively achieved today through interreligious work–the close, cooperative work of religious leaders of different religions and denominations working together. Just as today’s world is at war primarily because of religious strife, today’s world can be largely cured of its ills, through the opposite–interreligious cooperation.

After 9/11, because of Unificationism’s long history of interreligious work, organizations founded by Reverend Moon had the experience and connections to reach out to the Islamic world at a time of crisis. IIFWP organized an interreligious conference in October 2001 in New York, barely a month ofter 9/11, and then sponsored another groundbreaking conference for Muslim leaders in Indonesia in December 2001 entitled “Islam and the Future World of Peace.”

From the early days of his ministry, Reverend Moon recognized the importance of and invested in interreligious dialogue and cooperation for a future world of peace. In fact, he spent more money on interreligious activities than on his own faith community. Reverend Moon knew that interreligious understanding and cooperation would be the most effective means to bring about a world of peace in the future.

Interreligious Cooperation and Dialogue

In His Words: “Now is the time when all the world’s religions should keenly feel central responsibility for the realization of world peace. The future happiness of mankind cannot be achieved through economic prosperity alone, but only by overcoming conflicts between ideologies, cultures and races through interreligious understanding and spiritual harmony.”


Inaugurated in 1985, the first Assembly of the World’s Religions was held in McAfee, New Jersey, US. This gathering drew about 1000 religious leaders and scholars representing faith traditions from around the world. Subsequent assemblies took place in 1990 and 1992.



Logo_IIFWPFounded in 1999, the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace works with religious persons and organizations to promote peace especially in emergency situations and resolving international conflicts. Projects have included dialogues and seminars in hot spots such as Northern Ireland, Bosnia, South Africa and Nepal.


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Founded in 2003, the Middle East Peace Initiative is based on Reverend Moon’s vision that problems of the Middle East will ultimately be solved by religious leaders–the leaders of Christianity, Judaism and Islam working together, rather than political leadership alone. To bring reconciliation between the three Abrahamic faiths, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, MEPI organizes pilgrimages, dialogues and peace rallies in the Holy Land. MEPI has brought 10,000 religious, civic and political leaders from six continents on peace pilgrimages to Israel, Palestine, Jordan and Lebanon. Participants meet with both Arab and Jewish religious and government leaders to understand first-hand the Middle East crisis and to work to bring about reconciliation. Non-violent methods of resolving injustices are promoted. Religious leaders, including veterans of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s non-violent civil rights movement, serve as mentors on the effectiveness of the non-violent approaches to resolving injustices.


In His Words: “Through this text all people will recognize shared values and a universal foundation which are of greater significance than the differences which have historically divided religions.” – Rev. Sun Myung Moon


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To deepen mutual appreciation between the world’s religions, the International Religious Foundation sponsored the research and writing of the book World Scripture – A Comparative Anthology of Sacred Texts. This remarkable book compares scriptural passages from the world’s religions on several hundred themes. World Scripture demonstrates the amazing affinity of beliefs that religions share. It is widely available in book stores and has fast become a primer for comparative religion studies. The advisory board for the book was composed of 41 scholars from the various religions. Dr. Ninian Smart, professor of comparative religions at the University of California at Santa Barbara, wrote the Preface.

World Scriptures is widely used as a text for comparative religion classes. You can purchase World Scriptures on



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Logo_RYSYouth from the world’s different religions work and live together carrying out a social service project, putting into practice Reverend Moon’s vision of solving social problems through interreligious cooperation.  Since its founding in 1985, Religious Youth Service has carried out 151 projects in 51 nations. Up to 100 young     people from different religions work together for one or more weeks on activities such as building schools, latrines and clinics; restoring religious shrines; painting murals, etc. In 2006 there were projects in Malaysia, Ghana, China, Guatemala, Estonia, Indonesia, Jamaica, Mongolia, Palau and Zambia.

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The Fundamental Order of the Universe

If we observe the universe, it shows us that everything exists through a recipro- cal relationship formed between the dual characteristics of positivity and negativ- ity. This principle applies in every case, beginning at the level of the minerals. A molecule is formed through the fusion of positive and negative ions. In the case of plants, subsistence and reproduction depend on the union of their male and female counterparts, stamen and pis- til. These dual characteristics are more pronounced in the case of animals. All animals, including fish, birds and mam- mals exist in male and female form. Finally, we human beings, God’s great- est creation, are divided into men and women. The first man, Adam, and the first woman, Eve, are the progenitors of the human race. What is the purpose of existence of the dual characteristics of male and female? Why did God create in such a manner?

What did God want to do by creating man and woman? He wanted to see them. Is God feminine or masculine? He is both feminine and masculine. If God were only masculine, He would only look at the woman, and Adam would have to live in the shade. It follows that the two natures of both sexes coexist within Him, so that He may find joy in looking at both woman and man. We thus conclude that God is a being in the vertical position, within whom the harmonized dual characteristics that make Him feel love towards both man and woman exist. Such is God. He needs both man and woman, and wherever He goes He is always in the position of the subject partner, that is, having subject-partner status. Thus, God combines a central subject-like masculine character, and an objective horizontal feminine character within Himself


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Is there one God or two? There is only one God. Since there is only one of Him, how then could He enter two people at once? Would He go into each of them alternately, into the man and then out and into the woman, and so on? Furthermore, considering that there are so many people in the world, how would He enter and exit all of them? This poses a problem. The Unification Church’s Divine Principle teaches that God is a being having unified dual characteristics. This is the principle. God is a being who is the harmonious union of dual characteristics. This is a truly wonderful conclusion.

What is the source of unity? What would allow God, alone as He is, to stand in the joyful position of unity? In terms of the Principle, God is the being with harmonized dual characteristics in the masculine position. We need to discern what this position signifies. The one who stands in the masculine position is the subject partner and the plus, but the plus cannot be without a minus. Considering this view, why would He be in the plus position? It would be because of love. Even the Absolute God desires to obey true love absolutely. If love is not based on the mind to submit and become one absolutely, there can be no unity, harmony, or concord. Instead, all would disperse without such a source.

Unless a religious person comes for- ward with a logic that offers a clear scientific explanation of cause, process, and result, the religious world cannot be saved. The Divine Principle of the Unification Church has such logic as described above. The conclusion suggested by that fits everything: that God exists with dual characteristics, that He is the Subject partner and the universe is His object partner, and that therefore He is the Subject partner of love and humankind was created as the object partner of His love. This fundamental relationship continued through the power of love which bound it to the eternal world, transcending history. This action of love continued through thousands of years, and whereas other forms of power became weaker as time passed, this power of love remained strong.

“Theses are words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon taken from the book Cheon Seong Gyeong, a compilation of excerpts from his speeches”.

A Unificationists Viewpoint

Dr. Warren Lewis, Religious scholar and author, US

Those who have eyes to see beneath the Christian tractarian surface of Moon’s book, the Divine Principle, have already detected this indigenous unificationism at work. His doctrine of the “Four-Position Foundation” is in some respects a metaphysical expansion of the central Confucian ethical construct. His doctrine of the Lord of the Second Advent is perhaps an ingenious recycling of the Buddhist notion of transmigration of souls, eschatologically reinterpreted to become a transmigration of providential office or function. His doctrine of “indemnity” is probably a historicized, communalize version of the pan-oriental notion of Karma. Moon’s version of Christian Shinto is remarkably similar to our own American Civil Religion. His revisioning of “ancestor worship” is a highly-nuanced rendition of the communio sanctorum. His understanding of God incorporates the yin-yang of Taoism and moves from there to the assertion that God is both male…

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10 Christian Questions


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1. If Adam & Eve had not eaten of the fruit, Would Jesus still have been sent to bring us salvation?

2. Why was Peter so upset, when Jesus told him that He was going to be killed, if Jesus had been teaching that all along?

3. If John the Baptist was not the Elijah (as he said).then who was? Or was Malachi mistaken when he prophesied that Elijah would come first.

4. Why did Jesus preach that the kingdom of heaven was near, then three years later declare that the kingdom was being taken away from them?

5. When ‘Satan entered into Judas’, was Satan carrying out the work of God?

6. If Jesus is God, why did He say “Forgive them Father”?

7. If Christians must forever have their sins forgiven them, was this God’s original intention for mankind?

8. If Adam & Eve were to be the original parents for all mankind, but they fell from God’s ideal, wouldn’t God still be looking to create the same ideal from another Adam & Eve?

9. How can Angels be higher than mankind, if mankind was to have dominion over the creation and Judgement over the Angels?

10. If Jesus is God, Was He misleading us when He said we would do greater things then He did? How can one do greater than God?

These questions are for the sole purpose of asking Christians (Who became the new chosen people), to look deeper into their own beliefs, the answers to all those questions are now explained clearly and with logic within the teachings of the Divine Principle. I would find it very interesting to hear the answers to those questions from any Christian faith.



A Unificationist Viewpoint

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The Purpose of Creating Adam and Eve

Genesis 1:27 says, “So God created man in His own image, male and female He created them.” We can deduce from this that God has both male and female qualities. God needs an object because He cannot live alone. Therefore, He had no choice but to create this world. As a result, a man and a woman were created. (Blessed Family – 307)


Why did God not Intervene in the Human Fall?
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God created Adam and Eve, first of all, to have physical form. Secondly God created Adam and Eve to perfect love. When Adam and Eve are perfected and become the substantial beings of love through which they can become one, God can come and reside with them, becoming the parent of perfected love to humanity. Then Adam and Eve, who are the substantial parents with visible form, can reproduce children and thus realize the ideal world. When that happens, the spirit world and the physical world are connected through humankind. This implies that God also created human beings for the purpose of connecting the spirit world and the physical world. So while Adam and Eve are on earth, God can reside with them in love as the true and substantial parent of humani- ty. Then when Adam and Eve pass on to the spirit world, He can continue to stay in the position of the parent with physical form through their lineage. It must, however, be clearly recognized that these plans were thwarted by the Fall of Adam and Eve.

God is invisible, and because God is invisible, He created Adam and Eve as His physical image. When Adam and Eve, in whose minds God resides, become perfect, marry, and bear children, God becomes the internal father and Adam the external father. When this happens, Adam resembles God completely. If Adam and Eve, who resemble God, had become the father and mother of humanity, it would have been clearly perceived throughout history that God, through their existence, does indeed exit.

God created a man and a woman with the purpose of having them fall in love and unite into one. He did not create Adam for himself or Eve for herself. He created Adam for Eve and Eve for Adam. Also, God created Adam and Eve for his own love and joy. It was not for knowledge, power or money. The Almighty God does not need knowledge, money or power. He only needs love.

“Theses are words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon taken from the book Cheon Seong Gyeong, a compilation of excerpts from his speeches”.

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What are we doing?

Since I joined the Unification movement 34 years ago, I have been told by family, friends and workmates, the same thing.  Over and over it’s repeated, you joined a CULT, get out now.  I have lost family and friends because of my involvement with this movement.  The reason why, is because they (it would seem) prefer to believe the media, rather than my own personal experiences.

Ok, I know what many of you are thinking just now, ‘Here we go again, another religious nut trying to convince us, that his Messiah is the real and true Messiah.  Yea, we heard it all before.’  Yes, it’s true, I am saying that the Messiah is Sun Myung Moon, and that He really is ‘the real and true Messiah’.   But I also know what a waste of time all that is, because no-one wants to hear that anymore, and I can’t blame anyone for thinking that.  There have been so many new religions and so many claims, that the world in general does not want to hear it again.

But what IF the Messiah returns in the same manner of Jesus 2000 years ago, what then, will He find faith on earth?  that question can now be answered, no He will not!

Jesus pleaded with the Jewish people, cried for them to believe in Him, but they stopped up their ears and hearts, and Jesus was mocked, accused, persecuted and eventually murdered.

My own pleading with people to listen to Rev. Moon will also do no good, I know that, but I want to beg you for the same thing that Jesus begged for.  If you can’t believe what I’m saying, at least (the very least), look at the works of Rev. Moon.   I may just be that religious nut mentioned earlier, but no matter how crazy I might be, it will not change the ‘works of Rev. Moon.

Rev. Moon was accused of brainwashing teenagers, how much truth is there in that? when in my previous two posts I was able to show senior religious leaders from many faiths stating that Rev. Moon should be listened too, or the testimonies of many heads of state also stating the greatness of His works.  How many religions can show that kind of result, in a period of just over 60 years?

Archbishops have had to be excommunicated by the Pope, because they refused to stop listening to Rev. Moons words.  What are the words of Rev. Moon?

He states that all life was created to serve something more and higher than just themselves, we each were created to live for the sake of others.  He further states that all mankind are ‘One family under God’.  No hatred, no raciest remarks, no judgements.  Just words of peace.  Yet received with anger and hatred. 

His words are also truly universal.  It makes no difference if your a Hindu, Jew, Mormon or Christian, His words resonate with all religions.  He brings harmony to the age old debate of ‘Creation or Evolution’, and shows clearly that both views are correct when viewed with a mature outlook, i.e. Religion for an understanding of invisible internal truths and science for the explanation of visible external truths, showing that there can be no contradiction.

Yet, Rev. Moon’s theology is not Rev. Moons primary concern, powerful as it is.  His primary concern is that mankind should feel the real heart of God, how God has been suffering through the whole of mankind’s history, suffering in the same way a parent suffers when their child dies.  Up to now, we have been taking from God, as children will take even when their parents have nothing to give.  Now is the time when we have to mature and leave behind those childish thoughts, and learn to see our God who is suffering much more than we have ever suffered.  Yes, God sent His only begotten Son for our own sakes, but what was the real cost of that to God?  God feels that pain much more and deeper than we can imagine, yet where are the hymns that proclaim our empathy for what God feels.

Only a True Son of God is able to understand the pain and sorrow of God, because such a person is the visible expression and image of God.  Jesus felt it and Rev. Moon is teaching it.  Rev. Moon also shows that theology (which we all hold dear), is being used to create division among us, not for the excuse to tell others to discard their theology for His, but only for the reason that we recognise that fact.  In truth Rev. Moon has said to many thousands of people, that they should stay with their own faith and help it mature. 

Rev.  Moon does not believe in barriers that separate mankind, He does believe that God views all mankind as his children and family, and family should not be divided, either from each other or the Parents, and that family is the cornerstone to Heaven on Earth.   Finally He teaches us, that God is our Parent, not a general who punishes us when we do wrong, but a parent who warns us so that we may be protected from the results of our actions taken outside of God’s principles.

How many times have we read a book, or watched a film about the injustice to an individual from an ignorant society? such as the first black people taking respected positions in society, and decrying the abuse they had to endure.   We all will say, ‘that wouldn’t be me, I would not have treated that person so badly’.   I want to tell the world, that is exactly what has been happening with Rev. Moon.   From the time of Jesus and before, to  Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, we always try to destroy the people God sends.  When will this change, when will we see?

Rev. Sun Myung Moon is truly a man of peace, sent by God.  I ask that you take 20 minuets to watch this amazing video of the events that were taking place within Russia and China, just after Rev. Moon visited Mikhail Gorbachev in the Kremlin.  And then say,  this is just a Cult.   Thank you all so much for reading this.


Some of the works of Sun Myung Moon.



The Life of Sun Myung Moon


God can only accomplish, when we heed His words.

A Unificationist Viewpoint.

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H.E. Abdurrahman Wahid President of Indonesia, 1999-2001

We come here to welcome Rev. Moon and then to listen to his speech. This is actually a simple schedule, a simple thing to do. But simplicity doesn’t mean that the result is simple. Because in the speech and in the person of Rev. Moon, we can find a whole long life, a very, very long struggle to establish peace in a peaceful way.

Religion does not permit the use of violence. Under Islamic law, only if you are abducted from your home are you entitled to physical defence. Christians are admonished to give the left cheek if the right has been struck. All religions insist on peace. From this we would think that the religious struggle for peace is simple… but it is not. The deep problem is that people use religion wrongly in pursuit of victory and triumph. This sad fact then leads to conflict with people who believe differently.

For this reason, Rev. Moon’s call for peace though religion is something of great nuance and profundity. We are deeply fortunate for the chance now to hear him and observe his life-long struggle for world peace through religion. We can see how he lives peace so fully in his life. He has endured unspeakable persecution. I know this. This puts us all in his debt. If he can continue, we are the beneficiaries. This is why I harbor an inner hope that this visit will bring about that peace he lives and gives through his life and his speeches.

Rt. Hon. Nagendra Prasad Rijal  Prime MInister of Nepal, 1973-1975, 1986


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We have to work tirelessly with the principle of “live and let live” to achieve this anticipated end. Rev. Moon is the foremost philosopher and leader in this respect. I am glad to support hIs efforts for such an interreligious endeavor.

H.E. Hussein Aideed Deputy Prime Minister of Somalia

We do not seek peace with ammunitions and weapons any more, thanks to Father and Mother Moon’s philosophy of peace.

Hon. Jos� De Venecia, Jr. Speaker, Philippine House of Representatives

Reverend Moon is a pioneer of dialogue and peace-making.

H.E. Edward Shevardnadze President of Georgia, 2001–2004

The ideal of peace proposed by Dr. Moon implies a transformation of the effort for world peace beyond politics to be become a global, cross-cultural and inter-religious movement.

H.E. Lu Hsiu-Lien Vice President of the Republic of China

He has…founded various organizations to help the furthering of world peace by providing a chance for dialogue and cooperation among different races, fields and religions. His call is inclusive, helping to break down barriers.

Sir Allan Kemakeza Prime Minister of Solomon Islands, 2001-2006

I know of no other single individual in the world who has consistently invested so much of his time, energy and resources into the effective pursuit of global peace.

H.E. Hamilton Green Prime Minister of Guyana, 1985-1992

His consistent and untiring effort to bring together people from every corner of the globe and every race and of every religious persuasion, is by itself a giant step towards the victory of lasting peace.

Jose Osvaldo de Meira Penna Former Ambassador of Brazil

I believe Rev. Moon is especially to be praised for his work in bridging the enmity between the Republic of Korea and North Korea.

Sir John Compton Prime Minister of St. Lucia

Rev. Sun Myung Moon realized that it is only through love and understanding of our apparent differences, only through the work of people of good will can there be peace on earth.

Keun Min Wo Governor of Che Ju Do Province, Korea

What is the most significant of his achievements is to elevate the importance of family which is the core of Korean culture to a universal value of humankind. The family is the basis of human beings. Especially, the family in Korean culture is the driving force which has led the history of 5000 years up to today. The family which consists of parents, husband and wife, and children is a sanctuary to come into blossom of true love, and is a place to fill up happiness and hope.

Dr. Warren Lewis, Religious scholar and author, US

Those who have eyes to see beneath the Christian tractarian surface of Moon’s book, the Divine Principle, have already detected this indigenous unificationism at work. His doctrine of the “Four-Position Foundation” is in some respects a metaphysical expansion of the central Confucian ethical construct. His doctrine of the Lord of the Second Advent is perhaps an ingenious recycling of the Buddhist notion of transmigration of souls, eschatologically reinterpreted to become a transmigration of providential office or function. His doctrine of “indemnity” is probably a historicized, communalize version of the pan-oriental notion of Karma. Moon’s version of Christian Shinto is remarkably similar to our own American Civil Religion. His revisioning of “ancestor worship” is a highly-nuanced rendition of the communio sanctorum. His understanding of God incorporates the yin-yang of Taoism and moves from there to the assertion that God is both male and female, spirit and logos. Moon, I do not hesitate to say, is at least the Tertullian of the Orient. He is one who, to parody Harnack’s phrase, accomplished for the first time in a thoroughly consistent fashion (if we exclude Kanzo Uchimura) the “acute Orientalization of the Christian Gospel.”

Dr. Thomas Boslooper, Member of the Dutch Reformed Church in the United States, former Professor of Biblical Studies at the Unification Theological Seminary, USA

As I read the Divine Principle and come into contact with the Unification Church, the thought occurred to me over the period of a year that the formation and development of Unification Theology in the heart and mind of Reverend Sun Myung Moon signals the most radical, powerful and constructive force for the future of biblical studies since the Protestant Reformation.

I say this because one of the principal charges against Reverend Moon and the Unification Theology is that it is not Christian, that it is not true to the word of God and that members of the Unification Church never read the Bible. The truth is that the Unification Movement is very authentically Christian, so much so that it frightens people who like to be Christian but know in their hearts that they really are not. The members of the Unification Church as I have observed so far, are as serious students of the Bible as I have ever encountered anywhere.

Dr. Shuki Ben-Ami, Dean, Emil Frank Institute, Jerusalem

My life starts with the Bible and ends with the Bible. I think of the Bible. I dream of the Bible. There are no coincidences in life. When I was eight years old I came across a book of scriptures and it had other books in it than ours did. My father said not to read it, because it’s not our book. But I opened it up and read the genealogy of Jesus Christ, son of David, son of Abraham. My name is Joshua. It has the same meaning as the name Jesus. My father is David. His father is Abraham. I said, ‘This is my book.’ I don’t have an Old Testament and a New Testament. I have a Bible. Now, because of Father Moon, I don’t have an Old Testament, a New Testament, and a Divine Principle. I have one holy book.

Dr. Richard Quebedeaux, Religious scholar and author, US

The “power” of the Principle derives from its relational character, its ability–when properly understood and practiced–to transform people, and to radically change their relationship to God, to others, and to their own “true selves.” Everyone wants to be loved, to be taken care of, in concrete, tangible ways they can actually experience. They long for peace, for harmony; but the world, in its present, fallen state, does not exhibit these desired qualities. Rather, people are divided and estranged from one another almost everywhere. Centered only on themselves, they are resentful when they cannot get what they want; and they resent the success of other, “more powerful” people who have attained what they themselves covet, and won’t share it with them. In Rev. Moon’s thinking, resentment is the root cause of all human conflict. Resentment leads to the desire for revenge, and it results in division, warfare and exclusion, rather than reconciliation and peace. Those who attain power use it only for themselves and their own self-interests. For all practical purposes, then, everyone else can go to hell. Rev. Moon, however, has a different approach to power. In the Unification system, power is extremely important. This is why he wants to train all his followers to become leaders. But the source of Rev. Moon’s type of power resides in self-sacrifice rather than self-aggrandizement. Here power to change people and their social relations is based on the love of God (God’s “heart”), which is not “self-centered love,” but, rather, the motivation to love others in ways they can fully experience in their day-to-day lives. Leaders are to earn power by being good. Goodness, then, is the practice of love for others, even one’s enemies.

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Dr. Herbert Richardson, Professor of Religious Studies, University of Toronto, Canada

The Unification Church is an authentic Christian group, although it is somewhat novel in its combination of elements. It is Calvinist, Catholic, and Wesleyan. It is a unification all three traditions. Moreover, although its strong emphasis on the family comes from its oriental background, such a family emphasis is also found in Horace Bushnell. I myself fail to see why we should be so antagonistic to this group or so eager to condemn them as heretical. The Unification Church is both more orthodox and more creative in dealing with scriptures and the Christian tradition than many other contemporary churches. We should rejoice in its fervor and be glad to learn from its theology. (author’s emphasis)

Joseph H. Fichter, S.J., Sociologist of Religion, Loyola University, New Orleans, Louisiana, US

It is a commonplace observation that the family is the moral basis of society, and that religion constitutes the moral bond of family solidarity. Slogans abound in praise of family life. The family that prays together stays together. The moral level of a community reflects the moral level of its families. The Unification ideology emphasizes the centrality of the family in maintaining a religious culture and in transmitting a spiritual tradition. We may well conclude here with the remark by Harvey Cox: “Here is a movement which manages to combine religious universality, Pentecostal immediacy, a warmly supportive family and a program for allegedly building the kingdom of God on earth. Such a potent admixture cannot be dismissed lightly.”

Prof. Dr. Paul Schwarzenau, Professor (emeritus) of Protestant Theology and Comparative Religions, University of Dortmund, Germany

I have always been interested in certain ideas in the Divine Principle, which the Christian churches cannot afford to ignore. Irrespective of, or indeed because of my standpoint as a Protestant theologian, I am of the opinion that Christianity has reached a point at which it must further develop through a relationship with the great world religions and the great non-European cultural spheres. Christianity must find the courage to free itself from the limitations of the western cultural sphere.

According to the teaching of the distinguished psychologist C. G. Jung, Jesus appeared proclaiming the Kingdom of God, which should naturally dawn on earth, but his life ended on the cross and, instead of the Kingdom, arose the church and the separation between the church and the world. In the history of Christianity, there have been very few attempts to overcome this split. The Divine Principle, however, researches this in detail. According to the Principle, in the perfected universe, God is fully perfected and fulfilled only through perfected human beings. This is a theory of the Divine which at last accords with the dignity of man. Further, it is a theory appropriate for modern man, who is bound to partnership and democracy.

In each of us, as well as in the churches, there is a bit of “Second Coming,” a subconscious striving for a more perfected philosophy of man, embracing both the spiritual and the physical realms. There is therefore a renewed emphasis on apocalyptic matters in today’s churches. There is a search for the realisation not only of things spiritual, but also of the ideal, “as in heaven, so also on earth.” In striving for such a reality, we could enter into brotherly dialogue with the Unification movement, by mutually stimulating each other and strengthening our powers of expectation.

Msgr. Antonio Jose Plaza, Archbishop of La Plata, La Plata,            Argentina

I understand that in a speech before the United States Congress,              the fundamental point which the Reverend Moon emphasized was that              without the help of God, there is no nation or society which can              accomplish its goals. This is completely in accord with the eternal            message of Catholicism.

M. Darrol Bryant, Religious scholar and author, US

The eschatological vision of the Divine Principle with its universality, its affirmation of a significant future, its inclusiveness in relation to science and other religions, its affirmation of the family and its determination to create a restore world should not be dismissed or lightly set aside. Rather, it should at least challenge Christian communities to rethink their eschatological commitments….

… regardless as to what is said in a negative way about the Christology of the Unification Church, Jesus Christ by them is regarded on a higher level, closer to their hearts, is much more in their minds and spirit than many Christians that I have known throughout my life who … affirm the traditional formulations on the person and work of Jesus Christ.

… In June, 1976, Reverend Moon, in speaking to the faculty of the seminary of which I am a member, said people often ask the question, “What is Reverend Moon doing or what is Reverend Moon trying to get people to do?” and Reverend Moon’s answer is that he is trying to get people to live the life of Jesus Christ.

Metropolitan Paulos Mar Gregorios, Former President, World Council of Churches

… when we work with you for the unity of humanity we stand on our own convictions and traditions, while sharing with you your great vision of God at the center of all and an all-embracing love for all humanity… We pledge, rooted in our own religious traditions, to work with you for the fulfillment of the will of God.

Irving Hexham, Professor, Department of Religious Studies, University of Calgary, Canada

Clearly, the Rev. Moon is a great religious visionary who ranks among the greatest religious figures of history. Clearly, he is a very gifted, far sighted, individual who has a keen sense of history and God’s providence.

Dr. Hycel Taylor, Senior Pastor, Second Baptist Church, Illinois, US

Rev. Sun Myung Moon: In the first instance, he is deserving of tribute because of his willingness to subject not only his theology to the scrutiny and criticism of other renowned religious scholars arid critics, but to subject his life to the inevitable castigation and controversy that attends such openness. He stands within the sacred tradition of Christ, Krishna, Confucius, Buddha, Mohammed, Gandhi, Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King, Jr. It is a hallowed tradition that is marked by great suffering and sacrifice. In the second instance, he is deserving of tribute because he has produced an ideal paradigm to set a standard for the attaining of the original ideal state of the creation of humanity, namely, the state of spiritual oneness with God, oneness with the individual self, and oneness with others. In a world fraught with social fragmentation that has del to the destruction of the family, a model of familial wholeness is itself healing to the despairing human heart….

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God’s Dual Characteristics

The two kinds of cosmic dualisms (videos 2 & 3) are now applied

deductively to the Creator / First Cause of the Cosmos.

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New Expression of Truth

 Necessity for a New Expression of Truth

1. Religion exists so man can overcome his internal ignorance, and science exists so man can overcome his external ignorance. In order to achieve the purpose of goodness, we need a truth which can unite religion and science in a harmonious relationship.

2. Truth is unique, eternal, unchanging and absolute. The Bible is a guidebook to the truth or knowledge of God. Man’s spirit and intellect develop as time passes; therefore, the guidebook to truth must also develop in its expression and teaching methods.
Old Testament New Testament —.)-New Revelations

3. The purpose of religion is to lead man to follow his original mind, which is seeking God, and thus to attain the purpose of goodness.  All highly advanced religions have this goal of goodness.   Because of differences in the missions of the religions, the time of their development, and the different backgrounds of the people, many diverse religions have evolved. Modern religions have almost lost their ability to lead man to life and the goodness of God. Therefore, if God does exist, He must give a new expression of truth to make these religions fulfill their original intention.

4. Biblical foundation:
John 16:25 “I have said to you in figures; the hour is coming when I shall no longer speak to you in figures but tell you plainly of the Father. “

5. John 16:12 “I have yet many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now. When the spirit of truth comes, He will guide you into all truth. “

The Mission of the New Truth

The mission of the new truth is:

1. To unite internal truth, which is the goal of religion, with external truth, which is the goal of science. When this is accomplished, we can resolve the contradictory nature of man.

2. To let man know the existence of God, and let man feel God’s heart.

3. To elevate internal truth to a higher dimension, so that it can absorb the atheistic ideologies, and unite all the different religious beliefs, by providing a common base and relationship to God.

4. To unite all mankind as brothers and sisters, centering on God, and to establish one world family.

5. To explain all the fundamental questions of the Bible.

(1) The origin of the fall of man
(2) The goal of the providence of salvation
(3) The true meaning of the Last Days
(4) The true meaning of the resurrection
(5) The reason why the restoration providence has been prolonged
(6) God’s formula for restoration providence in history
(7) The reason why the Lord must come again


Divine Principle – study guide part 1

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Will He find faith when He comes?

If the Disciples had asked the chief priests, lawyers, and scribes about Jesus, they could never have followed him.  They would have been told not to follow Jesus because he was a blasphemer.  Instead they followed their own mind and decided their own path, which was to follow Jesus.  Because of this they could obtain salvation.

From this we can understand that ministers and elders cannot take responsibility for a persons life.  Therefore, the people in the last days must pray hard, seek spirit and new truth with a humble mind, abandoning conventional ideas.

Luke 5: 38

“But new wine must be put into fresh wineskins.”

Wine is truth.

The new age does not start after the old history has ended, but starts before the old history ends.  It begins and grows in an environment of evil, and takes a stand which is opposed by the old age.


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Therefore, the new age cannot be understood from the standpoint of the conventional beliefs, traditional systems and the ideology of the age.


The saints and sages were not welcomed by the people of their age, but instead were bitterly persecuted.

Jesus was rejected and crucified by the people of Israel.



Similar things will occur at the time of the Lord of the Second Advent.

Luke 17:25
“But first must he suffer many things, and be rejected of this generation.”

Luke 17:26
“As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the days of the son of man.”

The new truth receives persecution as being heretical and deceiving, and receives blame for destroying established beliefs.

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God’s fingerprint

history repeats

Click on Picture for detailed explanation.

Something to ponder over.


A Unificationist Viewpoint

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Trinity & Rebirth

Together with Jesus, spirit-filled Christianity labored to give birth to the returning Lord.  Now the time has come for complete salvation.



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The Absolute Value of Love

When considering the fundamentals of the universe, God created the universe through the concept of male and female, based on the ideal of reciprocity. Until now, people have not known this.

Humankind is composed of men and women. Then what do they represent? The question is, of the two, who should be the seed of seeds, the focus upon which both should be centered? Man and woman, too, were created as plus and minus. There must always be plus and minus. If you look at any seed you will notice how two halves are enveloped together in one outer layer. That demonstrates the fundamental nature of the universe. Everything in existence has these same characteristics.

How did the universe come into being? Nothing exists without a cause. For every result, there is a cause. From this perspective, what would be the cause behind the creation of man and woman? Did woman come into being to devour man? Or vice versa? No, both were created for love. If love was the cause, then the woman came into existence for love, as did the man. Love is the cause.

Why was woman created? She was created for the sake of love, for man. She is meant to exist for the sake of man. Why was man born? Man was born for the sake of woman. That is the essence of the original ideal of the universe. That is the law of the universe and th922688_526673720715379_1997690088_ne truth. There is nothing that can change it. This simple truth was unknown until now.

Fundamentally, this universe was created in the pair system in order to create consonance. This consonance or harmony takes place centering on love. When you think of it this way, did God establish love for the sake of man and woman, or did He establish man and woman for the sake of love? Which came first? Did God design love to be the way it is because men and women are the way they are or did God design men and women to be the way they are because love is the way it is? In light of this, the most precious thing is that which can- not be seen.

Maturing in true love is impossible without a partner. You need to under- stand your partner’s preciousness. Your partner comes before true love. You must know that your partner comes first. If you reject this idea, it is as if you reject the origin of the universe. Doing so is a rejection of God and his creation. Please realize this. True love cannot settle where a man or a woman lives alone, but only where the two are unified. When you think this way about your couple and family, you can state, “The universe resembles me.”

“Theses are words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon taken from the book Cheon Seong Gyeong, a compilation of excerpts from his speeches”.

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What is Love?

Everyone knows about love, from the love we receive to the love that is given.  But what exactly is love, where does love originate from?  There are some who would wish us to believe that love, is the result of a chemical reaction,  but love is far too complex to be given such a simple answer.  Love  is variety and takes many forms, such as parents love for their children, filial love, sexual love, loLOVEve of one’s community or nation and love of the natural world.  Love also has many levels, our love for a tree is different to the love we give a pet, and the love of a spouse is vastly different yet again.

When we begin to examine love, we learn that love cannot be forced or demanded, it is not something which can be learned or taught in a school.   Love is the natural result when love is given, which can grow and multiply.  Yet love is more than all that, much more.  We can find love in a Bee or a flower, or we can find it in a sunrise.  There is no end to where love can be found.  Nevertheless this still does not explain the essence of love; we can intellectually define various aspects of love without really understanding just what love really is.  Love is also the source of life, happiness and peace.  No, love is way too complex to be the result of a chemical reaction.

‘God is love’, and love originates from God.   So the bible can tell us where love comes from, but can it tell us what love is?  I find it interesting that the bible didn’t just say that God loves us, but specifically states that God IS love.  In other words, to fully understand God, we must fully understand love.  God and love are one and the same.  When we feel love, whether it be through a flower, a tree, or my brother with me, there is God.  Love is never far from us, therefore God can never be far from us, we only need to be aware that, that love we feel originates from God.  I love to take in air, it keeps me alive, but how often am I aware that every breath I take is love given from God?

I still don’t know what love is, exactly, but I am learning a little more each and every day.  I do know that love is infinite, and has no limits.   My own understanding at this moment in time of what love is; would be to say that love is like the atmosphere which surrounds us all, yet such an answer shames me, for I know how shallow that answer actually is.   Love or God is vastly greater than just the atmosphere which surrounds us, but one thing is for sure, God is not an old man with a grey beard loving us from afar, because…..


A Unificationist Viewpoint.

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Two Kinds of Forces

Why did God create the Power of Love stronger than the Force of the Principle

when it allows for the possibility of deviant love?

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Prayer with God

Before we meet with God in prayer, we should follow the rules of common etiquette that we naturally extend to others.  Make sure that externally you are well groomed and properly dressed.  Internally, prepare the gift of heart.  Just as you ponder beforehand what you plan to talk over with your parents, friends, or others you meet, think over what you want to talk about with God.  Speak to Him with eloquent frankness.prayer

When we pray and feel the deep longing to meet God welling up within our heart.  He will manifest Himself to us.  We must believe that we will meet Him.  Showing Him the sincerity of our desire.  And that is when He will be able to respond.

Experiencing a breakthrough in prayer is usually followed by a certain liberation because your heart begins to open.  Your true nature emerges; you feel peace and freedom.  You will probably step into a higher realm and feel the heart of God in extraordinary ways, something apart from your everyday experiences.  Try to lace such an encounter with true homage to our Maker.

What obstacles hold us back from a real meeting with God?  Who creates them?  By kneeling before God we must create a base for Him to come.  We build a foundation to meet God when we address Him as “Father,” and by doing so we reject the premise that Satan holds that position.  It is important not to create a base for Satan in our daily lives, especially during prayer.  Even small thoughts or feelings, seemingly superficial and inconsequential, might be just enough to give Satan the chance to invade.  His invasions are pretentious and unwarranted.  But when we pray, we can penetrate so deep into the heart of God that we become impervious to Satan.  If that happens , he will have no recourse but to leave us.

This is an age of great tension on earth and in spirit world.  Therefore it is not to be expected that if you break through to God in prayer, you are automatically guaranteed a wonderful or uplifting feeling.  But once you meet God in prayer, you don’t want to miss such an experience again, even if it means you must share His sorrow.  The time for glorification and happiness will come.  Yet during this time, you will no doubt feel His pain once you break through in prayer.

From the book ‘In Harmony with the Eternal’.
By Paul Werner

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Is Jesus Truly God?

Jesus came from Heaven but what does that mean?


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Everyone Goes to Heaven

1. God is love, and is the Creator and Parent of all mankind.   How could a God of Love exist in Heaven, if even one person was lost to eternal hell?  Even parents who have imperfect love, could not endure an eternity of knowing their child was in hell, in fact how could we say that the parents are in heaven, if their child is not?  I have heard the argument that the child would have brought such a situation upon themselves, such an answer only shows a lack of understanding of just what love is.  As a parent myself, I know that I could never say that I was in heaven or even headed for heaven if I thought a loved one could never enter.  A true loving parent would not even have the desire to enter heaven knowing a loved one was in hell.  This is not a creation of a God of Love.

2.  God’s wish is that none will suffer:   Why would God deny His own wishes?

3.  God is perfect, therefore God’s creation must also be perfect.  If even one child of God was to spend eternity in hell, then do we say that God’s creation was 99.99% perfect and find that acceptable?  Of course not;  God is perfect, as will be His creation, 100%.

4.  I’m alright Jack:   Is heaven a place full of, ‘at least I’m alright’ people?   I would think that such an attitude would automatically preclude entry into heaven, (I would hope so.)

5.  God is in hell; until every being that God created is not.  That’s because God doesn’t just love every being,  but because “God is Love“.

6.  We created hell:  God did not create hell, we did.  Hell is not part of God’s creation therefore hell will one day cease to exist, and if hell no longer exists, then eventually everyone will go to heaven.

7.  Heaven into Hell:  Imagine a parent in heaven whose child went to hell, wouldn’t that turn heaven into hell?

A Unificationist Viewpoint.

Hell Is Now Closed.
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God’s words

When the Lord of the Second Advent comes, will He only repeat what is already written within the Bible, or will He say things which are new? If we say that the Bible contains all of God’s wisdom and truth, are we saying that the returning Messiah will have nothing to say, nothing??

The Bible will have completed it’s task when the Messiah returns, just as the Old Testament was completed when Jesus came. The Jewish people of 2000 years ago made the error of not hearing the new words of Jesus. We should be prepared to avoid repeating that error.

Love God and Jesus by Having Faith

Love God and Jesus by Having Faith


I. God’s Words

God’s words should be received as having the value of all creation. Therefore, when you do not listen to God’s words after they are spoken, you will come to be judged.

* * *

God’s words belong to all mankind. So give all words to God.

* * *

God’s words are our assets.

* * *

God’s words should not remain just as words. There is development only after these words are practiced and then the perfect evangelization of the world becomes possible.

* * *

Both he who speaks God’s official words and he who hears them should take the responsibility of them.

* * *

Life’s problems can only be solved by something which also has life. Since God’s words have life, when you convey them you must speak with the spark of life.

* * *

When you speak God’s words, remember their historical roots and think of their cosmic character. When you toil, shed the sweat of resurrection with the heart of restoring the entire cosmos.

* * *

You should give God’s words with all your sincerity because someone gave them to you with all his sincerity. You should give them with all your heart, adding God’s heart to it.

* * *

My words may sound easily spoken. But before I confidently speak I investigate and check these things, proving whether they are true. Therefore, the words of the Unification Church are confidently spoken in the form of assertion (“It is so”) and not in the form of conjecture (“It may be so”).

* * *

When you go to bed, embrace the Principle; when you wake up, wake up with the thought of the Principle. You have learned the Divine Principle, yet you have not studied its application. Unless you know how to apply it, how can you live a principled life?

* * *

Understand God’s words not only with your heart and mind but also with your body and carry them out. We should become armed with God’s words, like an atomic bomb of God’s words. Therefore, we should not fizzle out when we are supposed to explode.

* * *

What matters is not how much you have understood the Principle, but how much you have practiced it. First you must know the Will of God, then assume responsibilities in His place, and then wipe away His historical resentment.

* * *

Jesus’ words were regarded as an eternal spring of life, weren’t they? You too should become an everlasting spring of life, not just a fountain, which spouts words only when it is supplied with them.

* * *

When you serve and march forward centering upon the Principle and God, I will take responsibility for you.

* * *

When did you convey God’s words at the risk of your life?

* * *

For the restoration of the world, our words should be assembled according to the scholarly and conceptual standard. For that purpose, we should lead and unite all ideologies of the world into one unified direction centering upon our thought. We should also solve the many problems of the Christian churches.

* * *

Listen when someone speaks and evaluate his words. Are the beginning and the end of his words the same? Evaluate his words by checking for whose benefit the words have been spoken.

* * *

Words do not project themselves vertically. They spread out horizontally, centering around a person who speaks them. Therefore, you must not speak arbitrarily.

* * *

You must not do harm to others by your words.

* * *

Don’t understand God’s words only with your head, but know them in your heart and perceive them through your body.

* * *

Every word that I speak must be left as my will.

* * *

Become one with God’s words. Multiplication will surely begin if you make your mind one with God’s words and practice them actively.

* * *

God’s words can create the personality of the highest goodness, the being of the highest happiness, and the being of the highest love.

* * *

Let us never profane God’s pride by speaking indiscreetly.

* * *

You may feel like speaking before God proudly speaks. But don’t prevent Him from doing His work.

* * *

Acquire a wealth of experience. I speak only based on my experiences of fighting and winning historically. This is the reason why my speeches always sound realistic.

* * *

In the Last Days, one word or phrase will decide the fate of heaven and earth, and the history of evil, which began from Alpha will end at Omega. In the Last Days, therefore, we will hear two different kinds of words: God’s words and Satan’s words, which were heard by the first human ancestors as well in the Garden of Eden. You have to clearly distinguish between the two and follow the former.

* * *

The Divine Principle has taught you how to meet God, but not how to live together with Him. That is why you need me.

* * *

2. Law

Assert the principle of the thing. Evil can never control it. (Insist on the fundamental Principle.)

* * *

God has been fighting until today, but He has never fought an unreasonable fight. He always waged battles for the heavenly law. Learn the law by which you can fight against Satan. If you do not observe the heavenly law, Satan will accuse you and God will be unable to recognize you.

* * *

Let the heavenly law always stand in front of you. Otherwise you will fail.

* * *

If you center around yourself and go against the heavenly law, you will be automatically rejected.

* * *

Never seek to avenge yourself. If something goes against Heaven’s principle, it will automatically perish.

* * *

Let an idea stand above yourself, and let the heavenly law stand above the idea. If you stand above the heavenly law, you will become a traitor. If you let the heavenly law stand above you, it will serve as a shield for you, for Satan cannot smite the heavenly law.

* * *

The number 4 comes from the number 3. If you arrange God, Adam and Eve, and children in a straight line, they will make the number 3. But if arranged functionally, they will make the number 4. The number 3, coming from the number 1, is a fundamental number. The purpose of the rule of creation based on the number 3 is, just like drawing a circle, to maintain the eternal existence of God.

* * *

A miracle is in accordance with scientific principles, but it is an instantaneous phenomenon, which occurs with its time span shortened.

* * *

All truth should be sought on earth, not in heaven, and it is on earth that the Will is done in the Last Days. Therefore, God’s truth should be sought here on earth.

* * *

The vertical manifestation of the number 3 is bone, and the horizontal manifestation, flesh.

* * *

Although the Bible has its many different writers, its direction or purpose is consistent, and so by looking at it we cannot deny the existence of God. History has not taken its direction accidentally. Behind history a great Power has worked to decide its direction.

* * *

A God who fits within the confines of our conception is useless. God cannot be comprehended by man’s conception or logic. God is an eternal being who transcends the framework of man’s limited logic.

* * *

Rev. Sun Myung Moon

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“We ARE God’s Love”

imagesCAAR48EIThe entire world and universe should be eternally filled with God’s love. Each individual is a carrier of that love, sprinkling it at higher and higher levels. This is your eternal destiny. If you cannot fulfil it here on earth, then you must continue after death. At the age of 20, most secular men and women think that love between husband and wife is all that matters. Their perception of God’s universal love stops right there. Love has never been sanctified or truly fulfilled on a universal scale because people held onto it for themselves.

That is not God’s way. That is not why God created you.

Posted by: Arthur | July 7, 2013

God’s True Love

What is the one thing that the Supreme Being would like to own?  What one thing is the finest, the best, the ultimate thing for God?  God longs to have true love.  When you talk about true love, it always denotes two parties.  No one can dwell in love all by himself;  you cannot just speak the word “love” over and over again and experience it.  Likewise, for God to engender love, He must have an object.

What kind of love has God been yearning for?  Mt McKinley is the highest mountain in the United States.  Has God been yearning for that tall mountain as the object of His love.  Do you think God has been thinking about a beautiful bird as an object because it can sing and fly so well?  No, He has been yearning for true men and true women.  What is the definition of a true man?  Is he special because he has an eye on top of his nose?  Does a true man have two extra shoulders so that he can have four arms instead of two?  That would certainly be a powerful man, wouldn’t it?  No, rather than all those things, we know that a true man is the man whom God loves and in order to be loved by God, he must resemble God.  He must be that ideal object for God.

Whether you are a man or woman, you must resemble God Himself.  When we speak of humanity, we speak of both men and women.  What do you think-is God more like a man or a woman?  God bears a resemblance to both men and women.  So there are two objects of God: men and women.  Are the two objects the same or different?  Do they have the same or different features?

Are those two different beings, menimages6 and women, always trying to pull away from each other, or do they always try to come together from their opposite positions?  What do you think?  Are they supposed to come together or go away from each other?  When are they supposed to be perfectly united-when they are just crawling babies?  When they are little children playing on the playground?  No, It is only when their minds and bodies are perfectly united that they are supposed to come together as men and women.

Just as we have two eyes that can focus properly only together.  Why do men and women are supposed to come together in that kind of unity, which we call love unity.  Then God can come in; the dwelling of God is with them.  When men and women come together in such a manner, God will embrace them and say, “Indeed, you are my image, my perfect image.  I take delight and joy in you.”

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The Bible Revealed?

Click on Picture

Click on Picture

God is desperately trying to show us HIS truth.  Will God find faith in those who love Him?  Please click on the picture above and listen to the video with an open heart.  I guarantee, you WILL be amazed.

Please, please have the eyes to see and the ears to hear.

A Unificationist Viewpoint

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The Search for Truth

Video Promotion of DP Powerpoint


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Click on Picture

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Life after Death

The Spiritual World and the Physical World

whose Centre is Human Beings

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God Want’s Us To Be Humble

Christianity is a global religion but sad to say,  not a united religion.   Is this the Christianity that Jesus wanted?  Of course it can’t be,   Surely Jesus would want Christians to exemplify His message of loving God and each other in actuality, not just by nice words.   Sure, I hear you say, that sounds wonderful but it can never happen,  how can you expect my ‘true denomination’ to join with that ‘false denomination’?  This is a valid point, and does need to be recognised.Jesus

Actually, the answer to this dilemma is really quite simple, yet for many; hard to do.  The answer is simply to be humble.   If your ‘denomination’ does have the “Truth”, then it will shine through to the other denominations, so nothing would be lost by having a humble attitude and uniting with others.   On the other hand, the chances that your denomination does have the “Full Truth”, is (and here is the humble part), perhaps quite low.   But by joining and sharing with other groups, our understanding of God’s truth can only increase, but only if we can truly develop a humble attitude.

Why does scripture teach us to be humble? because it allows us the freedom to see from the others viewpoint.  If we can’t be humble, then we can never learn to see each other from God’s viewpoint, and this is where the unity of the body of Christ will begin.  It is not about joining those other ‘false denominations’, the point is about seeing from God’s viewpoint.

Lets put away our childish thoughts of the past, and begin to see through God’s eyes for our future.  Jesus is looking to Christianity, to set the example for the world.

2 Chronicles 34:27

Because thine heart was tender, and thou didst humble thyself before God, when thou heardest his words against this place, and against the inhabitants thereof, and humbledst thyself before me, and didst rend thy clothes, and weep before me; I have even heard thee also, saith the Lord.

A Unificationist Viewpoint.

Posted by: Arthur | June 26, 2013

God Seeks World Salvation

All the saints and prophets and righteous men of history had first to deny themselves totally and give themselves up to God. When He summoned them, they gave up their homes,imagesCAIBGE0L their fortunes, their families and their nations. God wants His champions on the individual level, on the family level, tribal level, national level and worldwide level. And the qualification for God’s champion on any level always remains the same. He needs the absolute and untiring faith required to follow His command wherever it may lead. God needs total obedience to His will.

We must examine then, what is the will of God? Why does He give His people such a hard time? Individual salvation is certainly important in the sight of God. God does not neglect that. However, that is not the ultimate goal of world salvation. God summoned one family to be an instrument for the salvation of the world. God summoned His people to achieve the salvation of the world. God wants to have a nation as His champion,  for the ultimate fulfilment of world salvation.

People in the time of Jesus were anxiously awaiting the Messiah. But they were thinking only of their own national glory as Israel, the chosen people of God. They did not understand the universal mission of Jesus Christ. It was the purpose of God to send the Messiah to the chosen people of Israel so that the Messiah would unite with the chosen people. Then they could become soldiers of faith, to fight for and achieve the salvation of the world.

The foundation of the Messiah was laid through Jacob, the champion of the family, and through Moses, the champion of his people. Finally the Messiah came to the nation of Israel. He was to be the champion of the nation and the champion of the entire world. The purpose of God is not the salvation of one church or one nation alone. It is the will of God that He sacrificed the lesser for the greater. Therefore He will sacrifice the imagesCAR2NTY2church or the nation for the world. If Christians today think only of their own salvation, their own heaven and their own well-being, then they are not living in accordance with the purpose of God. If we are only concerned with the salvation of our own families, we are not worthy of God’s blessing. If people focus on benefitting their own people alone, or their nation alone then they are absolutely going against the will of God.

God will give you your own salvation. When you become God’s champion for world salvation, your own salvation is guaranteed, now the Christian population is probably one-seventh of the total world population. But among those, very few are devout Christians. And among devout Christians, how many of us really strive for the salvation of mankind? We must all devote ourselves to the salvation of the world!

God cannot be pleased with man if we live in a self-centered way. I met Jesus personally, and I received a revelation through which I learned that God’s grief is great. His heart is broken. Today God is working ceaselessly for the ultimate salvation of all mankind. He needs His champion to succeed in this work. The purpose of God’s church is to save the entire world. The church is the instrument of God, and it was this very fact that the chosen people of Israel forgot at the time of Jesus.

Lifted from the book ‘God’s will and the world’ p187. Sun Myung Moon

Posted by: Arthur | June 25, 2013


What is the difference between true love and false love? We say that self- centered is false love and is therefore bad.  Why is it bad? In order to call something “true” it must contain four characteristics.  It must be unique, eternal, absolute and imagesCA9XKKDIunchanging.  You can measure self-centered love against those four criteria.  Certainly it is not unique; it is not eternal; it is not unchanging; and it is not absolute.

When someone desires true love, they desire unique and eternal love.  No one wants to have changeable love and everyone wants absolute love, not mediocre love.  Why must love be like this in order to satisfy us?  To obtain a relationship with the absolute, ultimate plus being, you must share the same qualities.  That ultimate plus being has those four qualities.  Each person is seeking to become an absolute minus to the ultimate plus in a vertical, give and take relationship.

Everything in creation seeks to be included within the central theme of true love.  People ask big questions such as, “What is the purpose of life?  What is a true man or woman?”  However, all those big questions have one simple answer.

The universe is in constant motion and the goal of all that motion is true love.

We can answer the profound question of why God created the universe with a simple statement:  God created the universe in order to fulfil His love.  Love can only be fulfilled through a subject/object relationship and therefore God created this universe.  Can you imagine God being happy and jolly all alone, without creating anything?  As soon as God had the humblest of objects with which to relate, He could begin to be fulfilled.  Each of you has the potential for constant communication with God.

God’s position is to consummate the Heavenly four positions of God, man, woman, and children.  Why did God divide mankind into two poles of male and female?  He wanted to make a substantial world of depth and width so He created the world with global dimensions.  What is it that brings men and women together into oneness?  As men have give and takeTRUE LOVE with God and women have give and take with God, they can have give and take with each other and unite in the center with God.  At that central point of love, men and women become harmonized into one.  There everything is a manifestation of love, you talk with love, hear with love, touch with love.  Absolute, unique, unchanging, and eternal love is manifested in every aspect of your relationship.

Every part of you is longing to be touched by that absolute, eternal, unique and unchanging love.


Excerpted from the book, “TRUE LOVE” by Reverend Sun Myung Moon.  Volume one.

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Is God Male or Female?

Rev. Phillip Schanker

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If God Doesn’t Exist?

If God doesn’t Exist?’, wasn’t it lucky that the universe turned out to look so amazingly beautiful?


If God doesn’t Exist, then why should everything be dependant on everything else?


If the Universe happened ‘Just by chance’, wasn’t it lucky that life developed that could understand that ‘chance’?

If God doesn’t Exist, then does this mean the ‘Big Bang’ had no cause?

cause and effect
If the Universe happened ‘Just by chance’, wasn’t it lucky that gravity became so perfectly balanced?

If God doesn’t Exist, does this mean the universe designed itself?


If God doesn’t Exist, How is it that all life is totally unique?


If God doesn’t Exist, how lucky was it, that it developed ‘logical’ laws?

If the Universe happened ‘Just by chance’, does that mean a flower could appear, ‘just by chance’?

If God doesn’t Exist, how is it I can feel God in my Life?

not alone

A Unificationist Viewpoint

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Even God is absolutely obedient to love

A Unificationists Viewpoint

We say God is the Father of humankind, don’t we? Then, can this Father tell His sons and daughters to absolutely obey true love if His own life is not centered on love? This root principle is indispensable. Therefore, only when God Himself lives in absolute obedience to love can He educate His children saying, “You should live like this because I am living this way myself.”

The absolute God also thinks, “Although I am absolute, omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent, and have everything, I also want to live in obedience to something absolute.” God, also, has the desire to live for the sake of others. Since God is like this, His love does not demand that others serve Him. He should not love in such a way that He asks to be served.

God’s heart is found not only in God’s word but also in all things He created. In…

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Heaven or Hell?

Here is a picture of Hell.

Picture of Hell

This is a description of Hell.  Hell is a long Dreary room, with a long wooden table running the full length of the room.  On each side of this table are long wooden benches.  Placed on top and on each side of the table are rows of wooden Bowls.  Sitting next to each Bowl are placed wooden spoons, each spoon has a long wooden handle 3ft in length.

Why is this Hell?  Because in hell the people are always starving, they find it almost impossible to feed themselves with those spoons.

Heaven on the other hand is totally different.  Here is  a description of Heaven.

Heaven is a long spacious room, with a long wooden table running the full length of the room.  On each side of this table are long wooden benches.  Placed on top and on each side of the table are rows of wooden Bowls.  Sitting next to each Bowl are placed wooden spoons, each spoon has a long wooden handle 3ft in length.


Here is a picture of Heaven.


Picture of Heaven

Picture of Heaven

Why is this Heaven?  Because in heaven the people’s stomachs are always full, they find it almost impossible to stop those sitting opposite them, from feeding them with those long wooden spoons.

Heaven and Hell are separated only by our attitudes to others.

Living a selfish life, by trying to satisfy our own needs, leads to Hell.

Living a life based on service to others first, will lead us to Heaven.

Galatians 6:7-8

Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap. For the one who sows to his own flesh will from the flesh reap corruption, but the one who sows to the Spirit will from the Spirit reap eternal life.



A Unificationist Viewpoint.

Posted by: Arthur | June 19, 2013

Does God Give Us Free Will?

Does God already know every decision I am going to make, before I even make it?  Having been brought up within the Christian community I was led to believe that ‘Yes’, I did have free will, I was free to choose this or that path.  Wow, was that a comfort, the idea that I was just a ‘robot’, did not really appeal to me (nor I suppose to anyone else).  Just as I was beginning to feel comfortable with the notion of my having my own free will, God or my religion or maybe the doctrines I adhered to got in the way.

Wait, didn’t I just say that my Christian community was telling me that God gave me free will? Well, yes they were, but they were also telling me that Jesus had always (even from before the foundations of the world), been in the plan of God to be sent for my salvation.  Sounds very comforting to hear that, don’t you think?  But herein lay my problem.   If Jesus had always been planned, even from before the birth of mankind, then what was the value of free will?

I mean, suppose Adam/Eve h3q1yxfad used the free will that God had given them, and instead of partaking of the fruit, had chosen instead to ‘not’ eat of the fruit.  Would that not have embarrassed God?  After all, why would God need a saviour, if there is no one who needs to be saved?  So that must mean that God had a saviour for mankind because He ‘knew’ that the first parents of mankind were going to eat the fruit.  Hmmmm, then why did God bother to tell us ‘not’ to eat, if He already knew in advance that we were going to eat.   And if God did know in advance that they would eat that fruit, then where was the ‘Free Will’ of Adam/Eve?  Boy, was I getting myself into a right old tizzy.

A similar paradox happens when Jesus was on the earth.  Jesus tells the Jewish people, that God, who? GOD wants them to believe in Jesus.   So far, so good, but wait; supposing the people had chosen to do what God wanted them to do, and they did believe in Jesus, would they have still killed Him if they knew He was from God?  If they had done what God wanted, would they have still cried out for His death?  (I sure wouldn’t, would you?).  So here is that same old problem, if they did believe in Jesus, I think they wouldn’t have killed Him, and if it were God’s plan that Jesus should die on the cross, wasn’t God taking a terrific risk in saying they should believe in Him?  Because if we really do have free will, the possibility did exist that they would have accepted Jesus, not killed Him.

So, do we really have free will, or is free will an illusion?  Thankfully, I am no longer in that tizzy.

What if God chooses not to know man’s choice in advance?  Eh, did I hear you right??   I’m sure God has that option open to Him if He wishes, after all, God can do anything, right?  So lets explore this option.

Why would God choose not to know in advance?  Because God loves and ‘trusts’ His children.    Let’s say that a man loves and trusts his wife, and one day comes home expecting to find his wife there.  On entering his house, he finds his wife, gone!  That’s unusual he thinks, where can she be and what is she doing?  Now this man has a choice, he can phone his detective friend and ask him to find his wife and find out what she had been doing or he could just wait for her to come home.  The man chooses not to phone his detective friend because he loves and trusts his wife.  But what would have happened if he had chosen to  find out for himself what she had been doing.

He would be risking his relationship with his wife, he would be showing by his actions that he did not really trust his wife, and who would want to be in that man’s shoes when she gets home. 🙂

The point here is that God is eternal absolute and unchanging, and if God trusts us, then He absolutely does trust us, absolutely.  So if God trusts mankind, or me or King Saul for that matter, then God does not need to know in advance what our choices will be.

But God already knew that Jesus was going to the cross.  oops, throw away everything I just said.  Actually, that’s easy to answer.  When faced with a choice, there will be two possible outcomes.   Isaiah speaks about those two possible outcomes.  Cross or King of Kings.  God knew that should the people choose not to accept Jesus, then Jesus would go the way of the cross,  “Now the kingdom is taken away from you….”  On the other hand…..

God can predict what will happen if we choose this path or what will happen if we choose that path.  God tells us, Blessing or Curse, it’s our choice.

In the same way that I can predict what will happen if I throw a melon off a cliff, it will break into a thousand bits,  but if I don’t throw it over, I’m going to have a belly full of melon, yum, yum.

I’m very happy to say, YES, we really do have free will.

A Unificationist Viewpoint.

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One Family Under God

A Unificationist Vision

All humankind is One Family Under God.

Where Peace Begins

Where Peace Begins
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 To celebrate and promote the vision of One Family Under God through building interfaith partnerships, strengthening families and communities, and fostering a culture of service and peace.


Build a movement involving all sectors of society that promotes the unity of the human family on every level.   

Facilitate intercultural and inter-religious cooperation.

Promote and strengthen virtuous marriages and healthy families.   

Foster a global culture of peace and service.   

Inspire innovative approaches to peace-building.   

Advocate and contribute to the achievement of the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals.   

Demonstrate and celebrate achievements for peace and human development.

Guiding Ideals

All people – regardless of culture, nationality, religion, race or ethnicity – are members of one human family created by God.   

The highest qualities of the human being are spiritual and moral in nature.   

The family is the “school of love and peace”.    

By creating a global culture of service and living for the sake of  others we can reconcile and bring together the divided human family.   

Peace requires respect, dialogue and cooperation beyond the boundaries of ethnicity, religion, and nationality.

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Through the Fall Our Lineage Changed to that of Satan

We have inherited the lineage of an enemy.

The lineage of Adam and Eve changed because of their Fall. Due to whose love did it happen? They became the embodiment of Satan, due to the love of Satan, who is an adulterer and the enemy of God. The lives of a man and a woman combined with Satan’s love and became
one; the fruit of the two were sons and daughters who have inherited Satan’s love, life and lineage. (227-47, 1992.2.10)

Lucifer Fallen Angel

Lucifer Fallen Angel
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 Fallen people became false beings; therefore they need to receive grafts. From the standpoint of lineage, your ancestor is someone other than God. Why could you become only His adopted children? It is because you have a different father and mother. Hence, it is logical to conclude that the Fall has to do with lineage. What is the Fall? It means inheriting the wrong lineage. It is correct to say that human beings fell due to false love. That is why the assertion made by the Unification Church that human beings fell due to love, cannot be denied. It is written in the Bible that Adam and Eve fell by eating of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and fell, isn’t it? Do you know what that fruit was? Was it a fruit at all? Was it a fruit that can be blown down by the wind and roll on the ground? It was not. Satan entered minds of Adam and Eve and became one with them, so they inherited Satan’s lineage. Why can God, who has so much love, not forgive Satan? Jesus said that everybody, even murderers and robbers can be forgiven, once they believe in him. Then why can Satan not be forgiven? It is because he defiled the lineage of humankind. What does that mean? From God’s point of view, Satan is the adulterer, the one who violated His love. (156-226, 1966.5.25)

Since Adam and Eve got married centering on Satan, nobody can deny
that they inherited Satan’s love, life and lineage. Had they not eaten of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, had they not fallen, they would have held a wedding ceremony centered on God. Just as the True Parents blessed you in the Unification Church, God would have called Adam and Eve and given them His blessing after they matured. (228-254, 1992.7.5)
If Adam and Eve had not eaten the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and perfected themselves, they would have become the son and daughter of the King who created heaven and earth. If they were the King’s children, then who would their children be? They would be princes and princesses. This would be a foundation in the earthly kingdom that would represent the Kingdom of Heaven. There would be only one kingship, not two. (231-27, 1992.5.31)

“Theses are words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon taken from the book Cheon Seong Gyeong, a compilation of excerpts from his speeches”.

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All Beings Are Perfected through Love


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Individual perfection results from the continuous give and take action between the mind and the body, based on the foundation of love established by God at the beginning. Both the mind and the body should grow, mature, and then unite completely. Perfection can only be achieved when one’s life is rooted in love, when it matures centering on love, and when that love puts out buds and bears fruit on that foundation. When the foundation of love is established in this way, God can then come and reside there, connected through love. Until love fully matures, the foundation to bear its fruits cannot be established.

All things were created according to the rules of love, and thus they con- tinue to exist. When we look at plants alone, they bear fruit through the give and take action, or the circular action, between the stamen and the pistil in the flower blossom. This is true also for the animal kingdom and the human world; everything and everyone continue to exist through the circular motion of love. In this way, all things become per- fected only after passing through the relationship of love. In other words, all beings can be perfected only through love. The human mind and body can unite into one only when they are in a position that conforms to the nucleus of God’s love. Also, human beings can only completely mature when they enter the realm of God’s love united in mind and body. Only then can they begin their journey of individual perfection as human beings originally intended at the time of creation before the Fall.  (Blessed Family – 313)

When we explore the mind and the body, we find the mind to be oriented towards heaven and the body to be ori- ented towards the earth. When such a mind and body unite into one, what ideology is formed? We call this the cos- mos-centered ideology. Do you know what this is? It is an ideology that wants to create a place where heaven and earth, the invisible world and the visible world, can unite into one. If one wanted to dominate this cos- mos, do you think it would be possible for that person to rule over the cosmos if his mind and body were not complete- ly united? If his mind and body fail to become one completely, nothing can be achieved. When the mind and body become one centering on God, then God becomes the internal God and the per- son becomes the external God; the mind and the body become one centering on love. (Blessed Family – 313)

“Theses are words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon taken from the book Cheon Seong Gyeong, a compilation of excerpts from his speeches.

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Give love and forget that you gave it.

THE WAY OF GOD’S WILL Rev. Sun Myung Moon


III. Heart

“Seek a teacher of heart more than a teacher of knowledge.”


True, it is important to connect yourself with the God who has been working the providence of restoration since the Fall, but it is even more important to connect yourself with God’s heart from before the Fall.

You can feel God’s heart when you really feel in both your mind and body that God exists and you were created by Him, and that God and you are in the relationship of Father and son.

The objective of God’s words is the substantial being, and the objective of the substantial being is heart. When teaching God’s words, therefore, you should aim at conveying His heart. Those who learn God’s words should strive to understand His heart through them.

Blessed are those who have an unchanging internal standard of heart to respect Heaven, be harmonious with others, and love the earth.

To be in harmony with others is the first step toward happiness.

The more love acts, the more it increases. Therefore, eternity comes from love alone.

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